Investment Activity

On its path to the listing of Stor-Age Property REIT Ltd, SPH promoted the creation of Stor-Age Self Storage (operations platform), the Stor-Age Joint Venture (property holding company) and Stor-Age Property Fund Managers (property fund manager).

At the time of listing Stor-Age Property REIT Ltd on the JSE in 2015, SPH through the Stor-Age Joint Venture had assembled via both development and acquisition a portfolio of more than 40 properties. SPH pioneered the development of ‘Big-Box’ multi-storey self storage properties in prime urban nodes throughout South Africa, with its first such development being completed in Tokai in Cape Town in 2009.

With a detailed understanding of the South African property and self storage markets, together with well-established self storage networks internationally, and as one of the largest shareholders in Stor-Age Property REIT Ltd, SPH continues to evaluate a range of self storage investment opportunities on an ongoing basis.

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